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Drive to the Top of Haleakala

Jeep Wrangler • Jul 28, 2020

Think twice, if you are afraid of heights

Do you have a bucket list? Driving to the very top of the 10,023-foot summit of Haleakala is the goal of many day trippers to upcountry Maui.

So many visitors, in the thrill to get up and back down the precipitous Hawaiian volcano, skip sightseeing on the flanks of Haleakala.

Make this an early morning trip because the clouds usually flow through the crater late morning. If you are traveling from the U.S. mainland, consider scheduling this drive during the first day or two of your vacation - you will already be waking up earlier in this time zone.

It can be windy and cool any time of year at the summit. The area is without trees and the summit leaves you exposed to the sun — wear plenty of quality sunblock. Bring sunglasses and a hat, especially if you have the top down on your Maui rental Jeep.

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